Whenever you have the choice, find and eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice.  It’s a sad fact, but orange juice is not as healthy as you think!  In fact, it’s nutritionally almost the same as drinking soda.  Oranges may be one of the most convenient snacks ever – they come with their own covering, so you can throw them in a backpack, they make the room smell wonderful when you peel them, and they are delicious!


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How to eat an orange

To eat an orange, first remove the outside (the peel).  The fastest and easiest way is to use your hands, but you can also peel an orange with a knife or a spoon.  Here’s one more option, supposedly the fastest way to peel an orange.  You can eat all the white parts (although lots of people prefer to peel them off), but don’t eat the seeds.


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How to “supreme” an orange to eat or use in a recipe

Take a knife and cut along the white material on both sides of each slice.  You can then use the knife to pop each slice (now called a supreme) out of the orange.  Here is a great video to watch to see how to do this.


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Recipes using oranges

Salmon with grilled brocollini and oranges – you can use any fish and other vegetables, too

Orange and avocado salad

Orange walnut salad with chicken

Orange and tomato salsa – put this over fish, or in fish tacos.


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Trivia about oranges

  • The sweet orange is a hybrid of the pomelo (25%) and the mandarin orange (75%)
  • Florida produces 70% of the USA orange crop and 90% of the harvested oranges go to make juice
  • Oranges are technically a modified berry (hesperidum).
  • Nutritionally, oranges are high in Vitamin C.
  • The anatomy of an orange includes the flavedo (peel), the mesocarp (the pithy white portion), and the endocarp (the sections, each filled with juice vesicles).
  • There are over 600 varieties of oranges
  • There are usually 10 sections in an orange

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