Long Beans

Long beans are also called snake beans, yard long beans and asparagus beans. Although they taste like green beans, they are actually relatives of the black-eyed pea or cow pea.

If you are a gardener, these beans are truly amazing.  They grow so quickly that you have harvest them every day in the summer (I have a friend who harvests them twice a day!).

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How to cook long beans

Most recipes call for cooking long beans in a little oil (sauté) for a few minutes by themselves or as part of a stir-fry recipe.  This  technique is called “dry frying”.  Cook until the beans have the texture you like – less time if you like your beans more crispy, more time if you like them soft.

They tend to get a little mushy if you boil or steam them, but try it and see if you like them that way.   You can also put these beans on the grill  or put them in sandwiches!

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Simple ways to eat long beans

If the beans are young and tender, you can use them raw in salads (including tuna salad, potato salad or vegetable salads).

A common way to cook them is to place them in boiling water for 2 minutes  and then stir fry them in a small amount oil:

Glazed Chinese Long Beans.jpegGlazed Chinese Long Beans

Here are additional recipes for simple sautéed long beans from whatscookingamerica.net  trinidadexpress.com and tinyurbankitchen.com




Long beans with pork


Braised Long Beans With Tomatoes, Garlic, and Mint


Spicy Pickled Long Beans

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 10.54.46 AM.png

Spicy long beans with sausage and mushrooms

Trivia about long beans

Long beans are a sub-tropical or tropical climbing vine that tolerate heat and humidity. They are believed to have originated in Southern Asia and are probably one of the most ancient cultivated crops.

The beans are best when they are young (usually 12-18 inches long).  If you wait until they are fully mature, you can shell them and cook the beans like cowpeas (black-eyed peas)

In French they are called Haricot kilometer (kilometer long bean!)

Long beans can be green or purple.  The green variety is usually a little more tender.

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Nutrition facts

Long beans are relatively high in protein compared to other vegetables with 3gms of protein in a serving.  They are also very high in folate and fiber.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 9.54.12 AM.png

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